Complete Course On Accounting Rules For Crypto &Bitcoin

Learn the proper accounting for cryptocurrencies under accounting rules and regulations. Purchases, gains, sales and tax

What you’ll learn

• Correct Accounting For Cryptocurrency
• Proper GAAP Recording and Reporting
• Transaction Tracking
• Handling Changes In Pricing
• Transactional vs Investing
• And Much More!


• Basic accounting knowledge
• Basic cryptocurrency knowledge
• No special tools or knowledge otherwise is required!
• Commitment to learning

Lets face it,cryptocurrency is the hot topic of 2017 and 2018. While so many people and companies are focused on trading currencies, mining coins and setting up ICO’s (initial coin offerings), there is an important aspect behind the scenes that must be addressed – HOW DO US ACCOUNTANTS PROPERLY ACCOUNT FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY!?!?
Well you found the right course! In this course I will teach you the proper, correct and legal way to do the accounting for cryptocurrency. Whether its the initial purchase, recording gains and losses, and what happens when you sell, we will cover it all. We won’t be talking about actual trading specifics or mining, we are focused solely on the accounting and tax side of cryptocurrency in this course.

What We Do In The Course:

• Learn the very basics of what cryptocurrency is
• Understand the accounting treatment for a purchase of cryptocurrency
• Understand the accounting treatment for gains and losses on your cryptocurrency
• Understand what happens in accounting when you sell cryptocurrency
• Learn what the proper tax treatment is and your obligations
• And more!

Who this course is for:

• YOU! If you found this course you are interested in proper accounting for cryptocurrency
• Accountants
• CPA’s
• Bookkeepers
• Cryptocurrency traders
• Anyone interested in entering the cryptocurrency markets

About The Instructor