What you’ll learn

  • Students will gain a solid understanding of the basics and fundamentals of Ethereum to give them the confidence to move onto more advanced topics.
  • Due to the dynamic and ever changing nature of the cryptocurrency world, there is no one sized fits all solution when it comes to exchanges or wallets, students are given the insight into what to look for, and considerations to keep in mind when researching their options.
  • After the course students will will have the confidence to use Ether as an investment vehicle or to simply send and receive Ether.
  • Students will gain an appreciation of the bigger picture of what Ethereum is capable of beyond just being digital money, and prospects for its bright future.


  • This course does not assume any prior knowledge or exposure to any cryptocurrencies . We will start with the absolute basics and slowly build on those basics from section to section to give you a solid understanding of the Ethereum platform and the dynamics surrounding it.


  • This course demystifies the world of cryptocurrency and specifically Ethereum by taking us through the basics giving us a grounded foundation for it’s understanding.
  • There are many approaches to learning about crypto currency for those new to the technology. The approach used here is to simplify the process by focusing on the basics only as to not overwhelm the students.
  • The goal of this course is to give students the confidence needed to go on to either self manage further research and keeping up with the news about ethereum, or be able to move to an advanced topic.
  • The course assumes no prior knowledge to the field and builds on the basics step by step.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone in any country interested in finding out more about Ethereum cryptocurrency who feels overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of information out there and doesn’t know where to start.
  • Anyone looking to potentially invest in Ethereum, but is not confident enough in their understanding of the cryptocurrency to make such an investment.
  • Students who are looking to gain solid basics of Ethereum, who might be interested to go onto learning about Ethereum trading, Ethereum mining, or developing Ethereum smart contracts.

ourse Content

  • It Starts with the Blockchain
  • Bitcoin the Original Cryptocurrency
  • Where Ethereum Fits in the Picture
  • What Is Ethereum Mining
  • The Future of Ethereum
  • Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs
  • Exchanging Ethereum and Money
  • Ethereum Wallets
  • Conclusion and Next Steps