Security Token Offering

Go on YouTube right now and search for Security Tokens.
You will probably get results like:
• Why are Security Tokens the future?
• Are Security Tokens the next big thing?
So, it seems like there is a lot of hype behind security tokens nowadays. In this course, we are going to learn everything about security tokens and see if they are worth your time or not.

Course content:

  • let’s start with the basics first.What are Tokens?
  • What Are ICOs?
  • How Does a Token Gain Value?
  • The Howey Test
  • Other Alternative Tests
  • The DAO and SEC
  • Types of Tokens
  • Utility Tokens
  • Security Tokens
  • What Regulations Are Security Tokens Subjected to?
  • Why are Security Tokens Important?
  • Do Security Tokens have a Weakness?